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Ms. Sena Oztosun has been extremely helpful with my college applications. She has been a mentor and a wonderful College Advisor. She is just amazing.

Kimia S.- NJ Technical High School, USA

Matriculated to Cornell University (with full scholarship)

Ms. Oztosun has been an incredible resource and collaborator through during my college applying process who had helped me succeed in getting into my dream school . 

— Rebecca J., Oakland High School, USA

Matriculated to Stanford University

Sena Oztosun  walked me through the whole application process and went above and beyond to help me with my college application essays. With her help, I was accepted into many prestigious institutions. She made the process so much easier with her help, starting from picking college majors and schools to apply to, all the way to final registration.

— John H- Choate Rosemary Hall

Matriculated to University of Chicago

I felt lost and confused about the college application process at the beginning. But with Erudite Education, I received the help that match my work ethic and learning styles. Sena truly has been supporting me and making this process much less confusing and opened my eyes to how to highlight my strengths! Sena introduced me to Marist and I am very lucky that I got to work with her. She is going to be there with you from start to finish!

— Kevin R- Mecklenburg High School, USA

Matriculated to Marist College (with full scholarship)

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